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Choosing a Pool Cue
by Larry Giles - BCA Certified Instructor

The choice of a Pool Cue, whether it's your first cue or if you are upgrading to another cue, is a very personal decision. For the most part, it will depend on personal taste, your own style preference, and the looks of the cue. I, like many others, have bought many pool cues because we like the look of the butt and then played with them for years. I bought my first cue this way over 32 years ago. Fortunately, I had good guidance and bought quality. I still have my first "Custom" cue and have been offered $5,000 for it. It is an "Original by Palmer" and listed in the Encyclopedia of Billiard Cues. For some people, price is the only consideration. For the rest of us who appreciate value and quality, I offer you this insight, regardless of where you purchase your cue.

Here are a few "General Tips" you should know before you even go shopping for a cue.

Predator Cues

After a couple years of playing with the Schon Cue, I again have made a change. I am now personally playing with a Nick Varner World Championship Series cue. It has a radial pin, 13 mm tip, 19 oz and is black with white inlays. I love the hit of this cue and with a retail price of under $400, I am not nearly as concerned about it getting stolen in the pool room as I am with the Schon. Nick also uses one of his World Champion Series cues. If it's good enough for a Hall of Fame World Champion like Nick Varner, it is definitely good enough for me.

For a beginning or amateur player that doesn't want to spend a fortune on a good cue, but still wants to play and learn with a quality cue, I now recommend the Nick Varner US Open Series cues. Built to the standards set by Nick, this could possibly be the best quality hitting cue for the money on the market today.

I keep a stock of these cues on hand. Available in Black, blue, red, green, brown, and even purple (yes, it is quite attractive) The cue is the same, it's just the staining of the wood and the grain that is different. Because of the wood and stain, each cue can be unique, so if you see one you like, get it, because ordering it may not be exactly the same.

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